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to the North Dakota State Medical Cache

This site is used to request health and medical supplies and equipment contained in the State Medical Cache during large scale emergencies. All orders will be verified and approved through the NDDoH Incident Commander prior to shipment.

If your order pertains to Ebola Response:

Ebola PPE State Medical Cache Distribution Policy Orders for PPE from the state medical cache will be filled if the requested materials are not available from the private sector within a time frame required to address the need. Distribution will currently occur for training purposes and a small quantity to cover three or four medical providers for immediate response. No more than 10% of the state medical cache will be used for this purpose. The remaining 90% will be retained for actual response. Requesting entities are expected to replace PPE that has been consumed for training and response unless the items are provided at no cost from the federal government. We will process your order and notify you by e-mail when it is ready for shipment.

1. Alcohol Preps 2 Ply (Medium)
2. Mask, Respirator (N95) (Small)
3. Mask, Respirator (N95) (Regular)
4. Syringe w/ safety needle, 3ml 25G x 1"
5. Face/Surgical Mask, Ear Loop

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